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I’m a Creative Designer

Is Print dead? I don’t think so, I really love how the typography, images, colours and white space come together, the touch of the paper, the feeling flipping  the page… but at the same time the motions on digital, the structure, the interactions, the way the users can get engaged…
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I’m based in Lausanne, Switzerland, working as Design Specialist at Philip Morris International, and I worked as Design Manager at Evoke Group (healthcare communications agency), as Senior Creative Designer at Pink Squid (an award-winning creative agency), my most recent jobs.

During my tenure, I have had the opportunity to develop and hone my skills in different areas of creative design and marketing. Thanks to my rich and varied experience (13 years), I am today proficient in various types of Visual designing work, including editorial design, print, branding, UI design, advertising, photography, video editing, packaging and managing people.

I have experience of working with different softwares, including the following:
. Adobe Photoshop . Adobe Illustrator
. Corel Draw . Adobe InDesign
. Adobe Premiere . Adobe After Effects
. Google Web Designer . Sketch
. Presentation Softwares

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