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UI Design

Nando’s Easter

Nothing says Easter like an Egg Hunt. The Easter campaign for Nando’s Careers website. The goal was to drive people to the website and collect the maximum points possible in 45 seconds, but at the same time be careful with the spoiled eggs, and wild the extra spicy ones. The price… a Nando’s Chicken Cheque!


Follow the link on the Facebook post.
First pop-out when user gets to the Nando’s Careers page.
Pop-out animates and cracks open to reveal instructions.

Game begins and eggs randomly generate, popping up on screen.
User clicks as many as they can in 45 seconds with the egg counter and peri-ometer increasing.
Each egg is worth 1 point
Spicy Eggs are +5 points
Spoiled Eggs are -5 points

Once the time is up an option to replay or submit your score appears.
The email information is then sent to a database.

The final pop- is a call to action (a different one every day) to explore a page on the careers site
and to follow the Nando’s Careers’ Facebook page.


– Visuals for Facebook posts
– Assets for mini game


– Creative Development

2081 total entries!
54.5K reach
1629 unique entries
1209 total page likes/ follows
1799 post engagements
1,065 ad link clicks